Forests For Oregon

This petition is to require the Federal Government to release federally held public lands to the State of Oregon to be distributed, affirming the solemn compact to surrender federal control of all federal lands.

I). We declare all public lands under federal management belong to the citizens of Oregon. 

II). This includes all public range land and forests lands within the State of Oregon.

The US Supreme Court has said the federal government merely holds the public lands “in trust“ and the Enabling Act promises are “solemn compacts.“

  I). The federal government shall act as a temporary fiduciary in the distribution of Oregon public lands.

 II).  All land transactions distributed through or by the federal government or State of Oregon shall be transparent and open to public accountability with respect to the reporting of all sales and conveyances

III). Proceeds from the distribution of land transactions shall be divided among the citizens of Oregon, similar to resource sales in Alaska with oil revenues.

IV). Distribution of land shall begin within three (3) years and completed within twenty (20) years.

Stewardship of God’s Creation

We affirm that the citizens of Oregon shall participate in the decision of land distribution through the formation of a Land Stewardship Commission.

Responsibilities of the Land Stewardship Commission:

   I). To develop optimal procedures and practices for healthy Land and Resource Stewardship

Affirm  —  With guidance and unity from the Spirit of Christ, our desire is to glorify God in stewardship of His creation.

Deny  —   That man working from the flesh is the best way to healthy Land and Resource Stewardship.


 II). To develop and establish proven scientific methods for healthy forests

Affirm  —   Using science as intended to honor and glorify God while making and keep forests healthy.

Deny  —   The use of science that dishonors God, the creator of the universe.


III). To develop optimum schedules for thinning, harvesting, and planting for maintain healthy forests

Affirm  —   The use of God honoring methods and techniques for maintaining healthy forests.

Deny  —   Worship of trees and forests to the extent that maintenance is neglected.


IV). To develop hunting quotas and stable populations through improved methods and practices to establish a proper balance of all species both predator and prey

Affirm  —   That authority and dominion assigned by God to man, as a means to establish and properly balance all species of predator and prey.

Deny  —  the worship of creatures over the creator to the extent that there is no management.


Petition Details and Other

   I). Existing State and federal parks are exempt from this petition

 II). National Monuments shall be sold on a case by case basis.

III). U.S. citizens living in Oregon shall have first option to receive land distributions for five years (see Enabling Acts of various Eastern states).

IV). After an auction for any land not sold within 20 years, that land will be abandoned to the State.

V). Mineral Rights will be included with the land.

VI).  Existing Water, Grazing, and Other Rights shall be recognized and honored.

VII). This petition is a call to become Stewards over Oregon forests as God’s Creation.