The purpose of this action is to return to managing and being good stewards of the land rather than worshiping the forests and letting them deteriorate and burn in massive forest fires.


Forest Owership

Healthier Forests

Proper Forest Management

Columbia Gorge Fire

Why does the Federal Government own 53% of the State of Oregon? Why do we live in some of the largest forests in the country while they are set aside to die and turn into forest fires when they could be employing Oregonians? It is time to sell that land to Oregonians and become good stewards of the forests. Forests for Oregon is going to petition the state to force the Federal Government to release their ownership of the land and its resources. Email and see what you can do to make a difference in the state.

Columbia Gorge Fire

It is time for a government of the people, by the people, for the people' who have their resources run by private owners who understand, and have the best interests of Oregon forests and land in mind. Join Forests for Oregon in making our state a better, more efficient, and a better place to live.

Our group is going to petition the state to have the Federal Government give up control of all their lands inside the State of Oregon and make it available to the people of Oregon. This is how the land was originally intended to be divided and we are calling for the Federal Government finish the dispersement of the land and resources of Oregon.