The forests are dying from neglect and disease. They are burning to the ground every year with no solutions in sight. The only real answer is becoming stewards of the forests through private ownership.

Of course the first response is what if a large lumber mill buys the forests and clear cuts them? 

First there are over 30,000 square miles of forests in the state of Oregon which is far more forest than any state or federal agency can take care of. To manage them properly you need the size of a large company to work hand in hand with small owners to undertake this giant problem.

Just as a small land owner a large land owner will do what is best for the owner over the long term and with current and future knowledge of most effective forest biology these forests can be healthier than they have been in their history.

For the average owner they will be 100 to 1000 acre purchases which will be the person's own dream resort in the woods. They will make it their own getaway and weed the dead and dying trees while leaving the healthy ones. This will improve the overall health of the forests and their animal wildlife.

It will likely take 20-30 years to sell all of this land as roads and infrastructure is pushed deeper and deeper into the forests making them more and more resistant to fires and disease. As these forests grow healthier and healthier the air and water will improve to make the entire ecosystem stronger and more vibrant.

Join Forests for Oregon and help save these forests now.