Forests for Oregon is a non-profit group submitting a petition challenging the Federal Government to relinquish federally controlled lands as promised to the state for proper stewardship and care of God’s creation. The Federal Government now controls 53% of the state which is unavailable for the benefit of Oregonians.

Urgent action is needed for our forests in crisis. Catastrophic fires are burning every summer killing hundreds of square miles of trees and animals making the air hazardous from June to October. The forests are dying from neglect, mismanagement and poor stewardship over the last sixty years. At this rate they will be destroyed in the next twenty years and the federal government does not have the solutions or ability to turn this crisis around.

The benefit of properly managed forests and public lands would solve Oregon’s major budget problems such as PERS which is near bankruptcy without taxing Oregonians drastically. The forests and lands will provide funding for schools as well as other important state infrastructure. Proper management will provide generations of career opportunities, innovation and economic prosperity which are lacking in Oregon’s communities.

Forests for Oregon is going to bring to the forefront a discussion of how to care for and manage our natural resources which is the largest issue of the state as well as the biggest crisis. By turning these lands over to the state and then selling it to the citizens you provide opportunity as well as environmental improvement which leads to healthier forests, innovation and growth for Oregon’s lands.